About Us

In September 2011 Restaurant Barn opened with two truck loads of used equipment from a failed restaurant. This dirty, broken, messy, dirty (that word keeps coming up!) equipment and supplies was sorted through, cleaned, repaired, and discarded, and customers started coming in for deals. As more customers came looking for food service equipment and restaurant supplies, an inventory of new equipment and supplies began to replace the used materials. Restaurant Barn has become the primary supplier of new food service equipment and restaurant supplies for Coastal Eastern Maine. In addition to carrying restaurant supplies and equipment, our doors are open to the public with a great selection of flatware and dinnerware. Our affiliation with a national buying group has provided purchasing capabilities that have allowed our customers to enjoy the finest choice of equipment and supplies at competitive pricing. We enjoy serving the needs of our communities while enjoying the Downeast lifestyle.

The team at Restaurant Barn includes Ray Graham, an engineer with business management experience, Beth Graham, a microbiologist with marketing and accounting experience, and Brian Bent, with a business degree and years of retail experience in Downeast Maine. Collectively, we enjoy our region and enthusiastically serve all our customers.

Ray Graham


Brian Bent